How to use our Guild Wars 2 Bot and Hacks correctly to get the most Gold

Our users keep asking us how they can make the most money using our Hacks and Bots. We always keep telling them the same things over and over again.

1. Set up a custom farm path for your bot. (if you use the default paths, you could get reported, since 100s of people use those paths.)

2. While farming mobs, set the bot up to run near gathering nodes, to do some additional gathering.

3. Set your bot to “deposit collectibles” once every 2 hours or so. That way you can later sell expensive crafting materials (gems and stuff) and that results in extra gold.

4. Use our speed hack and increase speed by a few %. !!! Do not set it to more than 20% !!! You WILL get reported! Best play it save and go for 5-10%. That way the bot works faster and gets you more gold.

5. Use our magic find hack and additional magic find gear. That will increase your chance to get exotic and rare, precursor drops by 600% if your gear has really awesome MF.

6. St your bot up to sell stuff at the merchant, but also set it to “sell exotics and rares at trading post” and then to “highest bidder”. Its not as effective as if you sold stuff yourself, but will get you more gold in the long run, if you don’t have time to do it yourself.

7. If you don’t want the bot to sell stuff at the trading post, cuase your afraid it could sell a precursor or other awesome stuff, get 20 slot bags and more bag slots. Very expensive, but necessary if you want to sell yourself and dont have time all day.

8. Make your bot routes complicated and yet see to it that the bot doesn’t get stuck too much. Our bot will realize hes stuck very fast, but he will look pretty botlike the 10 seconds it takes him to notice.

So ok that’s that. Also guys again. Please be subtle using our bot and hacks. We don’t want you to loose your account or our software to get compromised. Thanks.

Our bot and hacks can be downloaded here as always: Bot and Hacks for Guild Wars 2


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